Idle Chat

Three Brewers, Two Breweries – it must be Lunacy!

March 14, 2016

Lunatic BrewdayThey say the moon does something funny to people…

A breakfast chat – when all the best ideas come about – between Brass Castle’s Marko and Matt, and Half Moon’s Tony, resulted in a collaboration beer from two of the area’s most popular breweries.

Lunatic isn’t your everyday beer.   You might call it a citrusy Dunkel, a hoppy stout or an India Black Lager, but none would really do it justice.  It’s a black lager, with berry-fruit and pine aromas, from the addition of Centennial, Simcoe and Galena hops.  There is a full malty lager backbone to the flavour, rounded-off with a gentle roastiness and crisp bitter hop bite in the aftertaste.   As you’d expect from this profile, Lunatic really plays with your palate.

Marko and Matt were pushing the boundaries for Tony on this one and brewday was great fun, with just a hint of lunacy.   It’s all in the name!